Fubra Says Goodbye to OurProperty.co.uk

September was a momentous month here at Fubra. Like many others, the huge changes this year due to the coronavirus situation has made us evaluate what we want to focus on as a company. This meant making the difficult decision to look at selling some of our websites that are a huge part of Fubra’s long history.

One of these websites is OurProperty.co.uk. It started life back in 2003 as the first website to offer property data for free – back then you had to pay to access it via the land registry. We bought it and offered it to users for free, and long before the likes of Zoopla and Rightmove, it was the OurProperty.co.uk price update that was hitting users’ inboxes each month. People loved it, and our users grew and grew. Over time, the property giants that we know today hit the market and a small company like Fubra just didn’t have the resources to compete alongside growing and maintaining our other projects. And so, lovingly looked after, OurProperty remained a solid source of information about property prices and a great resource in our directory of property professionals.

The world is different now, and it is time for OurProperty.co.uk to go on its very own moving adventure. As a result of long discussions, it has now been sold to the PropertyHeads Group and will join the PropertyHeads.com family, who will look after it where we couldn’t any longer.

Ben Davis, founder and CEO of PropertyHeads, says: “We’re delighted to have completed the acquisition of OurProperty. It’s been at the forefront of housing market data for some years now and will allow us to provide unrivalled benefits to our agents and consumers.”

Thank you to everyone who has used OurProperty.co.uk over its lifetime, and we very much hope you’ll continue using and loving the website in its new home, just as much as we’ve loved running it for the last 17 years.

You can read more about PropertyHeads’ acquisition of OurProperty.co.uk in their press release.