Omot in partnership with Skyscanner on our travel network


Skyscanner is a leading global travel search site, providing instant online comparisons for millions of flights, as well as car hire and hotels.

Are travel agents redundant?

If you don’t have access to the internet or find it intimidating or confusing, then the personal touch of a travel agent’s service is still very much in demand.

Mind you, the majority of globetrotters these days feel more than comfortable with the online experience and use it as their default route to researching and shopping for their holiday or business travel.

It goes without saying that here, at Omot, we focus on the digital side. At the heart of everything we do are our partnerships with other websites and businesses, which will often be based on recognising a common interest in certain products or services for the public. The main way that we generate revenue through these partnerships is through performance based commissions via an affiliate marketing programme as part of our Omot Ads service.

We first started working with Skyscanner at the start of 2009. We quickly realised that we wanted to focus on delivering quality content and results to users first and foremost. We give all our visitors comprehensive, up-to-date information to help them make the best decision and therefore deliver the best results for Skyscanner.

The code and technology behind the booking engine was all built and provided by Skyscanner and we worked together to ensure that we used the booking engine to its full potential. This included having the ability to tailor the search so that visitors on our Heathrow site, for example, would see offers on flights only from Heathrow and having Heathrow set as the departure point automatically, which helped a lot with converting any visitors to potential sales.

At Omot we believe that the key to producing a profitable affiliate relationship lies in tailoring our promotion of each product and spending time making sure that visitors who click to buy something (be it a flight from Skyscanner or a trip to the airport from one of our transport providers) are given the information they want in a clear and easy format before making that click to purchase the product or complete the action. Focusing on what our visitors want enables us to partner with like-minded companies such as Skyscanner and generate revenue for both partners.

We have many more improvements planned for our promotion of Skyscanner and will be implementing these changes soon to further improve the partnership. As with all of our partnerships, we will continue to work hard to monitor progress and make continued improvements.

Fubra have a wealth of experience in creating a network of excellent content sites and is exactly the type of company we are proud to be working with. The quality of their content and the excellent conversion rates we see from their referrals are fantastic.
They have ensured they are not just another me-too site with regards to how they work with our creatives, having utilised our flight search tools as well as highly targeted deep links which are relevant to their users path through their site. They are also great people to work with – which is always a bonus.

Barry Smith,
Co-Founder of

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