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We have just released a new WordPress plugin which makes adding the minimum, maximum and average fuel prices for your area in the UK to any WordPress blog easy.

As mentioned in this blog post the plugin makes use of the new XML data feed in order to build a fully customisable table.  The plugin provides both a widget which can be included in any widgetized theme, and a shortcode which can be included in any post or page.

There’s more information on the feeds page, and the plugin can be downloaded from

Brendan from appeared on TV twice today commenting on the best way to save money on fuel in light of the tax increases which came into effect this week.  This short video is from the BBC’s Working Lunch programme.

[futube video=onZ7Cf2x5lY]

Today we launched our new petrol prices blog by writing some posts about fuel tax, public transport, parking fines and future transport technologies. We then mailed all of our half a million plus subscribers, and all I can say is wow, what a phenomenal response!

At the time of writing one of the posts had already received over 250 comments contributing a massive 40,000 words. I think we really struck a chord with people, and they liked the opportunity to get their feelings about these issues of their chests.

Help us save UK motorists a huge amount of money by joining our campaign on the BBC action network to educate people how to find the cheapest petrol stations in their area. We estimate the potential savings could be up to several £billion.

Shell made £13 billion profit last year, but it it’s forecourt prices are amongst the most competitive in the UK as we demonstrated with our top 1000 petrol stations chart.

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