Over three months ago one of our websites – World Airport Codes – has undergone a full revamp, focusing on design, functionality and user experience. The change hasn’t stopped there as the team has been working hard on improving two airport pages – New York’s John F. Kennedy International and Chicago O’Hare.


Both airports are among the US top 10 busiest airports, and we felt there was too much useful information to cram into just one airport page for each. For example, getting to and from the airport is a commonly shared headache for most travellers, not to mention international guests who don’t live in the country and can’t imagine all the subtleties that apply to the local airport transfer services. That’s how a dedicated Chicago O’Hare Taxis page was planned, aiming to explain how various taxi options work, what you’d expect to get in terms of service, and how much it would cost. Similarly, an important international business hub such as New York was bound to have a rather complicated taxi market, and Andrew spent quite a bit of time researching and finalising the John F. Kennedy Taxi page.

For those who prefer their own means of transport for getting to and from airport we thought it’s essential to know car parking options at both airports. On JFK Airport Parking page we looked at various services available both on-site and off-site, as well as details of pick-up / drop-off parking which can be a stressful process if you’ve never driven to an airport. Some practical tips (such as making sure your tank is full of petrol in case you get stuck in traffic, who would have thought!) may seem obvious, but always worth knowing. You can also view all airport parking options on one map, allowing you to make an informed decision when deciding on the parking provider.

Chicago O’Hare Airport Parking page goes into a little bit more detail on how to book airport parking, how to get to the parking site and what’s the process of collecting your vehicle upon your return. We were also interested to know what the Airport and City laws for airport parking are, as well as charges and local parking providers.

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Following the success of our World Airport Codes app and to celebrate the site’s 10 year anniversary, the team at Fubra decided it was time the site received a complete frontend and backend overhaul. The website provides airport codes and information on nearly 10,000 airports around the world.

The Takeoff

Over the years World Airport Codes has gradually increased traffic at an astounding rate even though the design had received little attention and had only been changed once:

We could not believe quite how popular it became and realised the data we were providing was valuable to visitors, but who were these visitors?

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Greetings! Just a quick update on what the Fubra World team has been working on since finalising our Audit and Targets earlier this year. We first highlighted a few projects with a decent potential revenue that we could all work on and release within a very short period of time.


Our World Airport Codes (WAC) made the shortlist as it has been one of our most popular sites for many years even though we had not worked on it too much during the past couple of years. Nor had we spent any time as a team thinking about how to fully monetise the website… That is of course until recently!

WAC Mini Header Banner

For those unfamiliar, WAC is basically a giant index of vital details regarding over 10,000 of the busiest airports around the world. Providing authentic information on each individual airport’s mapped location, coordinates, runway length & elevation, timezone, airport contact details and of course the area, country and airport code.


We realised that despite WAC’s already high traffic, the number of visitors was continuously and consistently rising even further. Eventually we decided that now was the time to do something with the site to improve it for our high number of visitors so we began by researching the site’s traffic and trying to understand who our users were and why they used our website.


Our research demonstrated that over 20% of our visitors were accessing the site from their mobile devices. This encouraged us to design, create and release a mobile application for both iOS and Android users to improve the experience of the site for those accessing it from a mobile device:

WAC App overview 1

WAC App Overview 2

WAC APP LGW ScreenshotWAC App Overview 4

The apps were developed to improve the usability of the site from a mobile device. By also implementing the desired features from the site into the app we have managed to create an application which really does allow the owner to view ‘Every airport in your hands!’


It would still provide the users with the same essential information as the site but direct to your mobile device, wherever you are, within seconds.

Our goal is to be the number one resource for all fields of airport information by members of the following industries:

Commercial Airlines

Travel Agents

Airport Personnel

Aviation Fans

Private Pilots

Freight & Cargo Logisticians

Flight Simulation Gamers

Avid Travellers

The apps are currently priced at a promotional fee of just £0.69 or $0.99 on both the Google Play and iTunes stores. This launch price discount is for a limited time only and will soon return to its RRP of £1.49 / $1.99 (US store).

Although the WAC app has only been available for little more than a week we have been experiencing a positive response from our users. With multiple daily purchases and some very satisfying reviews and ratings already:


Finding an airport via it’s name or code is super quick and the design is super clean.

A nice and simple app that provides runway and airport contact information for thousands of airports around the world.

Bought this app as need to check airport codes for work and it seems pretty good so far.

Available now on iOS & Android

Available now on iOS & Android

We’re very pleased with how the app has come along and the comments we’ve received but if you have any thoughts, suggestions or feedback in general please feel free to share it with us and we can address these and try to work them into future updates.

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