I wanted to write a quick blog post the importance of blogging as a company on the web. Fhoke – another local web company – recently wrote a blog directed at their clients on how important it is to make time to blog.

“Updating your site regularly gets you noticed, your competitors and clients may be watching, and when you update something it might get their attention and they’ll come look.”

They also listed a total of 19 tips on how to drive traffic to your blog, including these:

  • Publish as frequently as possible
  • Pay attention to the headlines (blog post titles)
  • Add a link in your email signature

I would like to add one of my own tips to this list that I think is most important when blogging:

  • It is all about the quality of your post, post only quality content and your blog will be recognized for this.

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Firstly I would just like to wish everybody a Happy Halloween and I hope you all have a devilishly good weekend!

It has been a busy week here at Fubra with investments, birthdays and lots of late nights making some cool Halloween posts for SixCrayons. Just like to say a big welcome to new Fubra investment Marble Construction who we have already been working with this week.

A few weeks ago myself and fellow designer Nick decided to create a couple of Halloween posts for SixCrayons. After a few late nights of pizza and lots of Cherry Coke we finally got them done. I created a rather fun Zombie Transformation Tutorial taking a few of the Fubra staff and turning them into Zombies.


Read the full tutorial here »

Nick – being a huge movie geek – made a GhostBusters Isometric tutorial including all the GhostBusters, Ecto One and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Check out the full tutorial and be sure to ask him in the comments if there is anything you would like to know how to do. He has also included the Ai file of Ecto One for you to download and play with.


Read the Full GhostBusters Tutorial here »

legocakeOne person who has been extra busy also outside of work is Annie, who has been making personalised cakes for the staff birthdays.

Annie bases her cakes around each member of staff’s personal interest, this week it was Steve’s birthday. He has a fascination with anything LEGO, hence this rather impressive LEGO minifig cake based on Steve himself!

Not only has Annie been making birthday cakes, we also had a selection of Halloween treats this morning ready for when we all arrived work! Great stuff – Thanks Annie!

Happy Halloween!


Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a new front end web design site called SixCrayons. SixCrayons consists of six individual blogs bringing together Design, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, Illustration, and Apps/Widgets.

I wanted to create a site that designers around the world would find interesting and want to contribute to. So far we have had about six guest articles on the site, with many more currently in progress.

The design was inspired from the idea that all designers start out as children using crayons for their first illustrations and progress from there. I wanted the website to appear fun and recognisable, so with each crayon or category I chose to use a separate colour to differentiate every one.


I arranged an interview with one of Australia’s top Illustrators Patrick Brown which went really well, check it out to see some some of his work. Guest Blogger Paul Seys interviewed Rob Farrow from chi.mp. While web developer Steve Whiteley wrote a great JavaScript article. If you are a web designer/developer and would like to write for SixCrayons please submit your details and we will contact you straight back.

I hope you enjoy the site and if you know any web designers or developers please get them to contact us at SixCrayons to get them involved.