We have just released a new WordPress plugin which makes adding the minimum, maximum and average fuel prices for your area in the UK to any WordPress blog easy.

As mentioned in this blog post the plugin makes use of the new PetrolPrices.com XML data feed in order to build a fully customisable table.  The plugin provides both a widget which can be included in any widgetized theme, and a shortcode which can be included in any post or page.

There’s more information on the PetrolPrices.com feeds page, and the plugin can be downloaded from WordPress.org.

With winter fast approaching it is becoming increasingly important to take care of your car, you can do this with simple tasks such as topping up your water, screen wash and oil levels regularly. If you think about it, your car really is very similar to your body. In order to stay healthy in winter, you need to fuel your body well and drink plenty of water, as does your car.

Having said this, the healthiest of us can become unwell in the winter. Just as the best looked after cars can breakdown at anytime.

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We’re all very excited today, as we’ve just launched our first iPhone app on App Store. The App is called PetrolPrices Pro, and as the name suggests it lets you find the cheapest petrol on your iPhone. It also lets you find prices for diesel, super unleaded and LPG. The launch price is £4.99 and that includes 1 year of updates.

PetrolPrices iPhone App Screenshot

So if you like PetrolPrices.com and want the official iPhone App – then you can find out more here, or you can buy it directly on iTunes here.

Brendan from PetrolPrices.com appeared on TV twice today commenting on the best way to save money on fuel in light of the tax increases which came into effect this week.  This short video is from the BBC’s Working Lunch programme.

[futube video=onZ7Cf2x5lY]

PetrolPrices.com already help millions of motorists save money on their fuel costs each year, but at Fubra we didn’t just want to stop there. As there are many other contributing factors to looking after a car we wondered how else we could save motorists money.

Breakdown Cover screenshots

With a rise in the number of Britons staying in the UK this summer, we wanted to help make sure that they weren’t left stranded having to pay for expensive recovery costs after a breakdown. We decided to compare breakdown cover providers by both policy details as well as price, making it easier for drivers to find the best deal.

After comparing 11 top breakdown cover providers we found that motorists could save over £90 on a policy, proving that it’s well worth shopping around.

Breakdown Cover Savings

Not satisfied with just helping car drivers in the UK, we decided to also compare motorbike, caravan and business breakdown cover. And with the summer holidays in full swing we added European breakdown cover to the growing list.

Have you ever broken down without cover and had to pay sky high prices to be taken home again? Or do you have breakdown cover which you renew every year without finding a better deal? Make sure you are getting the best service for the best price, take a look at our breakdown cover page.