With most of our staff stranded at home, the few of us that were able to come in undertook an epic igloo construction project.

It took nearly 8 hours, 6 staff members and over 100 snow blocks to create, as you can see the result was pretty fantastic.

My fellow designer Harry has prepared a brief video of the event complete with Hoff/Pingu soundtrack enjoy!

I got a mail from Hitwise today letting us know that we have got our 5th top 10 award based on the amount of UK traffic that our site OurProperty.co.uk gets.

That’s great news in a way as it means we are the 7th most visited property site on the internet here is what the top 7 looks like now:

1. Rightmove.co.uk – Rightmove plc
2. Vebra.com – Guardian
3. Primelocation.com – DMGT
4. Findaproperty.co.uk – DMGT
5. PropertyFinder.com – News International
6. Homesonview.com – Core Systems
7. OurProperty.co.uk – Fubra

The bad news is that we were number 7 in the previous quarter as well so this is the first quarter that we haven’t improved our position by one place since we started winning the award.

The main reason for this is that we have been a bit slow in developing new features for the web site because we have had to deal with an office move and developing better back end systems to cope with our next level of growth which takes a while but should be well worth the wait.

The good news is that most of that is now done so with a following wind and a bit of luck I expect to see us rising to 2nd position this year and hopefully taking the top spot some time in 2008.

Fubra are proud to announce today the completion of a 5 year sponsorship deal with Southwood Girls FC worth £5 million.

The club kits will be branded with the famous “OurProperty.co.uk” website address.

Commenting on the deal, Fubra Director and OurProperty Co-Founder Paul Maunders said:

“We are proud to be sponsoring a local youth team, and feel that we the deal represents great value for both parties. The Southwood Girls FC match spectators will be sure to log on and check house prices in their area. “

OK, so the deal wasn’t quite worth £5,000,000 – but we did pay for their kits 🙂

With our new property web site we have ended up doing a lot of research into everything to do with land and property. A lot of it is stuff that I knew a bit about already but the most surprising thing that I have found out so far was a legal quirk that most people probably don’t know about or give much thought to.

The fact comes from an idea which dates right back to the Norman conquest in 1066 but it is still effective today. It is that the monarch is the only person in England and Wales who is capable of owning land. Everyone else who thinks they might only land only owns a set of rights and duties to the Crown.

That is where the term freehold comes from a freeholder is said to ‘hold the land’ for the Crown and in exchange they are normally fairly free to do what they want on the land.

If you are concerned that you might have some obligations to the Crown as part of your freehold title that you don’t know about then your local land registry office might be able to check for you or alternatively you could examine your deeds.