Last Monday we released a simple media player icon set available for free download whilst we continued to make progress on our YouTube video player interface aka FuTube.

FuTube is a free to use flv video player that simplifies the user interface of YouTube videos, removing the bulky default look and replacing it with something a little more elegant.

We are now pleased to announce that the first version is almost complete, allowing us to demonstrate and publish what we have done so far. Here is an example of how the player looks with no customisation:

[futube video=”mZoInMf1t6w” width=”460″]

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We’ve been working closely with two talented web game developers, Bytewire Games the creators of Street Crime and Renegade Games owners of Apex Web Gaming, Republic Online and Planetarion.

Now in partnership with Apex we are setting up a games illustration service. No job is too tough and for a fee we will draw anything you need or even redesign your site from scratch.

Many developers don’t have the time or the resources to create their own artwork and Apex has over 2,000 web games that could take advantage of this service.


At the moment we are charging clients on the basis of how much time it takes to create an image. Some graphics like the plot above may take up to a week to design, whilst smaller images such as the ones I’ve designed for our first client can take a couple of hours for a whole set.

Were hoping this will be a very useful service that will bring attention to both apex and Fubra in the future.

For more information or to get a quote click here for more information.

On July 15th 2009 we launched a complete redesign of Fubra. I will be blogging about this soon, but thought I would do a quick post about the evolution of our Fubra logo. I needed to update our logo without changing it too much so that it wasn’t un recognisable. I am lucky here at Fubra as I am given a free reign to let my creativity flow with such things as designs and logos.

I felt the logo, which had become outdated, needed a good makeover to make it fresher and younger. I have attached a few quick sketches I produced while coming up with the new Fubra logo design. The sketch attached is the one I made my main breakthrough on. I branched off with many ideas, totally recreating the logo in many different shapes and colours. I eventually found our default colours to be most recognisable with Fubra.


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