If you’re a follower of CatN, the cloud hosting arm of Fubra, you will be aware of our activities as part of the G-Cloud framework. G-Cloud is a pre-approved list of suppliers offering commodity cloud services for the public sector to procure. The objective is to allow government to procure new technologies that can be delivered quickly in a way that supports emerging suppliers who can offer cost effective services.

As CatN has been a long term supplier since being a foundation delivery partner on the first version of G-Cloud I have seen the framework evolve over the last couple of years. Most recently on G-Cloud III we have been treated to a new Cloud Store – a catalogue where potential public sector buyers can browse and compare services on offer. You can view the Cloud Store by going to the G-Cloud website. Anyone can browse it, you don’t need to be a public sector employee!

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microstack logoI’m excited to announce that CatN have just launched a new private cloud solution! Microstack is a modular, OpenStack-based private cloud, designed to meet the needs of small to medium businesses looking for a cloud entry point which scales to meet their needs in a predictable way and without long contracts.

We’ve been working on bringing a private cloud to market for just over a year now and MicroStack is the culmination of this effort. I’m really proud that we’ve achieved our objective of creating a low-cost, short-commit private cloud offering to appeal to SMEs who have traditionally been scared off from high-CAPEX private clouds with long contract durations.

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We are delighted to announce today that our CatN vCluster and DBMS cloud PaaS services operated our company Fubra Limited have been accepted to the UK Government’s G Cloud framework.

The G Cloud framework is a way that the UK Government buys services to ensure that all companies have a fair chance of supplying UK Government and to make sure that the UK tax payers who fund the Government get the most economic solutions.

Applying has been a positive experience and there have clearly been a number of government employees who have worked very hard to open up the process and engage more with businesses. We are now going to try engage positively as well and make sure that we can provide a high level of service and listen to the Government requirements as we would with an ordinary commercial customer.

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With the continuous growth of the CatN guide section, and numerous additions to the blog reel, I felt it would be a good time to summarise the highlights of the CatN blog over the last couple of months, just in-case you missed anything!

Benefits of Cloud computing

Published June 30th 2010

Cloud computing can now be considered an established technology, with its adoption by giants like Google.

In fact it has been predicted that by 2012 85% of Fortune 1000 companies will be using a cloud hosting solution or infrastructure. Clearly more than an “up and coming” technology!

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It’s been a very busy bank holiday weekend at Fubra following an intermittent backplane failure on one of our storage arrays. With the help of our storage vendor, Coraid, we’ve managed to stabilise the failing unit as a temporary measure while we move all of the storage to our other array.

This is taking us quite some time however, as it contains hundreds of gigabytes of production storage. We hope to get this process completed later today.

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