If you have a large family, do you wish that your children all outgrow their clothes at the same rate? No! That’s how we sometimes feel with a large portfolio of websites and a relatively small team of developers, copywriters and marketers.

It seems we’ve just relaunched World Airport Codes a short while ago, and then the Airport Parking Shop, but somehow missed the moment when one of the children in the travel website family ended up with trousers that look like shorts!

Car Hire Centre, our car hire comparison engine, has been helping travellers find and compare car rental deals across the globe since 2003 when it was first launched. However, the last time it was treated to a nice new smart outfit was 2006! Yes, the same year Nelly Furtado was hogging the top spot in music charts with her “Maneater” – admittedly, a year we’d rather move on from!

Fast forward to 2015, and we proudly present a newly designed mobile-friendly Car Hire Centre:

Car Hire Centre

Quite a few cobwebs had to be removed from the website, including updating the content (work is still in progress with this so bear with us!), speeding up the search, improving search results and ensuring the site was responsive and mobile-friendly. But above all, we gave our brand a smile!

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Content Creation

You don’t need a large company or to outsource a lot of work when it comes to content creation – we are a small team creating diverse content for a range of our own websites. Although I am the in-house content writer and editor, the process involves the whole team, so there’s a little bit of elbow grease required to produce successful content! Here’s how we make it work:

Finding that cracking idea

The travel market is heavily oversaturated with content, and we are potentially coming at it from a dry angle – airports and airport parking, amongst others! So we are all about creating content that is going to be engaging and helpful to our users.

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Our team is growing! We are very excited to welcome Alice Fowler to our digital marketing team as an Online Content Editor/Writer.

In our efforts to update and overhaul most of the travel websites in Fubra’s portfolio, we were looking for an enthusiastic writer with a keen interest in travel, holiday budgeting, culture, and, of course, online media and technology.

Alice was a fantastic candidate: she graduated from Oxford Brookes University with BA (Hons) in Japanese Language and Contemporary Society with Politics, and spent a year in Japan as part of her degree. Here’s how she introduces herself:

“I spent four years at University learning Japanese and even spent my third year living and studying at a University in Nagoya, Japan, making amazing friends and memories as well as improving my language skills. A career in the field, however, wasn’t really for me, and I’ve spent the last few years focusing on my editing and proofreading skills whilst in an administrative / secretarial role at a small accountancy firm.”

“Throughout my time in Japan I really enjoyed keeping a blog to document my experience, and I’ve done the same with other aspects of my life as well. Now I am thrilled to be using my love of writing and editing in this exciting role with Fubra!”

Alice will be involved in content strategy and execution for a range of Fubra’s projects, including Airport Parking Shop, the network of Airport Guides (such as Heathrow Airport Guide) and other travel sites.

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One of Fubra’s flagship travel brands – Airport Parking Shop – relaunches in April 2014 with a new responsive design.


I can only imagine what it was like to first launch the Airport Parking Shop in 2003; the excitement, the thrill, the anticipation of the unknown. Now over ten years later, giving an established website a new look and feel, it feels just as thrilling… Will we meet the expectations of our loyal customers? Will we attract the new audience? Will our savvy users get what they expect to get from us? And – most importantly – will they save more by booking with us?

Paul Maunders, one of Fubra’s directors, remembers:

“When we launched Airport Parking Shop in 2003, we were one of the first companies to use screen scrapers to build a price comparison site. Over the years the technology we developed has helped millions of people save money on their airport parking. Over the last two or three years we had noticed that an ever increasing number of our visitors are accessing the site from their phone or tablet, so today’s new responsive design optimises the site for use on any screen size.”

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Over three months ago one of our websites – World Airport Codes – has undergone a full revamp, focusing on design, functionality and user experience. The change hasn’t stopped there as the team has been working hard on improving two airport pages – New York’s John F. Kennedy International and Chicago O’Hare.


Both airports are among the US top 10 busiest airports, and we felt there was too much useful information to cram into just one airport page for each. For example, getting to and from the airport is a commonly shared headache for most travellers, not to mention international guests who don’t live in the country and can’t imagine all the subtleties that apply to the local airport transfer services. That’s how a dedicated Chicago O’Hare Taxis page was planned, aiming to explain how various taxi options work, what you’d expect to get in terms of service, and how much it would cost. Similarly, an important international business hub such as New York was bound to have a rather complicated taxi market, and Andrew spent quite a bit of time researching and finalising the John F. Kennedy Taxi page.

For those who prefer their own means of transport for getting to and from airport we thought it’s essential to know car parking options at both airports. On JFK Airport Parking page we looked at various services available both on-site and off-site, as well as details of pick-up / drop-off parking which can be a stressful process if you’ve never driven to an airport. Some practical tips (such as making sure your tank is full of petrol in case you get stuck in traffic, who would have thought!) may seem obvious, but always worth knowing. You can also view all airport parking options on one map, allowing you to make an informed decision when deciding on the parking provider.

Chicago O’Hare Airport Parking page goes into a little bit more detail on how to book airport parking, how to get to the parking site and what’s the process of collecting your vehicle upon your return. We were also interested to know what the Airport and City laws for airport parking are, as well as charges and local parking providers.

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