So the 1st of July 2015 has finally arrived and we are ready to greet the new regulations concerning the way calls from both mobiles and landlines to numbers such as 0800, 0808, 084, 087 and 09 are charged for.

What is all the fuss about? Total cost

Ofcom, the communications industry regulator, are introducing the new rules under which the cost of calls will be made clearer than before. From today onwards, the charges will comprise two parts:

  1. Service charge – the amount you will pay to the company providing the service you wish to contact
  2. Network access charge – the amount your phone company will charge you for the call


1 + 2  = Your Total

for the call to either a premium or service number. The cost is pence per minute or PPM.

How much will it cost?

It will cost you £0.05 to contact our range of 0844 service numbers plus your phone network access charge.

Let’s take a look at what some mobile networks are going to charge if you are on a monthly plan:

Vodafone EE Three O2
23p/45p* 44p 25p 25/45p**

* as of 10 August 2015                                                                ** as of 15 August 2015

The BT landline users should be able to find some landline access charges information here.

As the prices may change, we strongly advise you contact your network provider to find out what your current network access charges are.

Freephone numbers finally free!

As of today calls to phone numbers starting with 0800 or 0808 will literally be free. This is finally  made available to mobile users, exactly the same way it has been to landline users.

All the changes are being communicated through a campaign called UK Calling so feel free to visit their website for more information.

How we did it

As we hold a range of 0844 numbers (and a couple of 09 ones) across the network of our websites, we needed to address that accordingly.

Fubra is a company who really cares so we have decided to make that effort, make things easier for our users, and get it all done in a timely manner.

The whole process could be broken down into a few stages:

  1. We initially confirmed the rates with our TCP (a company providing our service phone numbers) – March 2015
  2. We agreed on the wording to be used – (‘Calls to this number will cost 5p per minute plus your network access charge’) – March 2015
  3. We reviewed all our websites and made a list of those to be updated – March – June 2015
  4. We applied the changes across our network of websites – June 2015
  5. 1st July 2015 is here and we’re ready – yay!

Below are some screenshots taken from just a couple of our websites, and, while we were trying to decide where the wording should go so it is ‘in close proximity to the number itself’.






A task, which initially seemed pretty easy, turned out to be quite a challenge at times, especially when trying to find information on network access charges the phone companies would apply, or to decide where the wording should go, hence the idea to put it all together in this post. We hope you have enjoyed reading it.

It has been a team effort so let me put my hands together for those involved in the process – thank you all again!

How about you?
And how did your business deal with the changes? We’d love for you to share your experiences with us either in the comments below or via Twitter @Fubra

Red Nose Day 2011 has just passed, and everyone at Fubra decided that we should do something a bit out of the ordinary this year to raise money for this great cause. Ideas came flooding in ranging from a quiz night or all night game-a-thon to a bush tucker trial style buffet for all! We thought long and hard and settled on a few things that everyone could take part in. It turned out some of us were particularly eager to take on a funny task for charity and our well loved graphic designer, Nick Haines, had no hesitations in making the most of his already look-a-like appearance, by offering to dress up as Commander Riker from Star Trek for the day (if we raised enough money of course!) We all agreed this would be funny, but wanted to take it that little bit further, so emptied our pockets for him to dress up as Riker for a whole week rather than just the day.

The costume arrived, and on Monday 14th March, Nick came into work fully prepared (beard trimmed, hair in the style of Riker, facial expression toned and polished) and we handed over the costume, with instructions to make sure it got a lot of exposure. Take a look at the resemblance below. During the week Nick reluctantly willingly took part in the many embarrassing challenges we set for him, including  a trip to the bakery and into town. It turned out that people in Aldershot didn’t really bat an eyelid at the fact he was dressed as a Star Trek enthusiast!

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Whilst sitting in our chillout/meeting room at lunch yesterday eating lunch I had an epiphany!

I had finished designing the new site and like most times after finishing a website I couldn’t get the design out of my head. Thinking what if I moved this here or changed that image there.

What did keep coming back to me was the slogan ‘focused on you’ I had created to define our brand. With this I wanted to summarise what we do here at Fubra.

I have always personally felt this has always been our aim here at Fubra with all of our websites designed and built to help you our users find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Having pushed this brand on the new Fubra site. I thought it would be great if all of the guys here at Fubra can be really proud of what we do here and also be proud of why we do it.

So I thought what would be better than (literally) painting our identity ‘slogan’ all over our walls!

Me and Nick got started on the painting at 6pm and we had finished at 1am this morning. With a couple of breaks in between for Chinese food and to watch the end battle scene in Zulu :s If that doesn’t get you geared up for painting I don’t know what will!

Knowing you would probably not like to watch 6 hours of us painting we have cut it down to a mere 45 seconds for you to enjoy.

[youtube video=”OhZ3mw6qvRU”]


At Fubra, I like to nag encourage our employees to have their own blog. Brendan and I are both fairly active bloggers (if 1 post a week is active?) and given the strength of opinions and ideas that our staff have on most subjects, it makes sense that they contribute at least some of these to the rest of the world via a blog.

So I am now pleased to say that no fewer than 8 of our team have a personal blog:

OK so we are not quite up with Sun’s 4115 staff blogs, but we are getting there!

If I have missed anyone from Fubra who has a blog, then please let me know and I will add you to the list! Please note that the opinions expressed on these blogs are those of our employees and not necessarily those of Fubra.

Hello everyone, I’m Louise and as the new spokesperson for Fubra I thought I’d quickly tell you about what I’ve been doing since I started, and let you know what we’ve got planned for the coming months.

I joined Fubra full time in December to take over the publicity/press/PR from Brendan, who’d been juggling dealing with the press and running the company at the same time. No mean feat considering I’m now doing it full time and still find myself rushed off my feet!

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