Following the success of our World Airport Codes app and to celebrate the site’s 10 year anniversary, the team at Fubra decided it was time the site received a complete frontend and backend overhaul. The website provides airport codes and information on nearly 10,000 airports around the world.

The Takeoff

Over the years World Airport Codes has gradually increased traffic at an astounding rate even though the design had received little attention and had only been changed once:

We could not believe quite how popular it became and realised the data we were providing was valuable to visitors, but who were these visitors?

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Recently we started looking at redeveloping World Airport Codes and one of the important questions that came up was:

What framework should we use?

It came to a bit of discussion about what would be the best framework for the job and a split was found internally regarding which solution should be used. Like the agile company we are, we came across an issue and quickly tried to rectify it with minimal lead time.

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Yesterday afternoon we committed another new plugin to the WordPress Plugin Directory, which focusses on editing and rediecting permalinks.

Having recently discovered the need to fully customise the permalink for an individual post or page, due to some inconsistencies when migrating a site into WordPress.

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