Fubra, and trading style CatN, have now been working with Thomas Cook Online for over three years. It has been an important period for both our companies. Thomas Cook have been rebuilding investor confidence by restructuring their business, and we have been growing our business and productising our R&D efforts, bringing them to market.

The relationship began as a ‘skunk works’ project. Thomas Cook immediately required colocation for a small number of development servers. We were able to respond very quickly and provided the servers within 48 hours of the initial request.

Clearly Thomas Cook recognised the benefits of working with a hungry, responsive SME and from this first engagement the relationship grew. We were asked to host ever larger development and testing environments, all the time delivering an agile and incredibly responsive service, led by an expert technical team in CatN.

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CatN is a new hosting service that provides clustered php hosting, while offering levels of control similar to a dedicated hosting solution.

Why clustered hosting?

Clustered hosting has many benefits:

  • Load is spread across numerous servers, reducing the reliance one machine, and avoiding bottlenecks.
  • Your site will be spread across all parts of vCluster, so if one server goes down, the remaining servers will continue to host your site and keep it live.
  • Different processes can be separated. We use a separate layer of servers for serving scripts to static content like images, which enables us to control resource use and guarantee performance of php scripts with dedicated resources.
  • The nature of clustered hosting enables us to scale our super computer to meet any demands on capacity instantly. Experience no drops in performance when they receive a visitor spike, we simply add more servers to meet the new demands.

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We’re always looking to expand our team with talented web developers, so we built an online PHP exam to help us assess applicants before they come to interview. The test is made up of two parts, with 15 questions in total. The first part contains 7 multiple choice questions, and the second part has 8 questions that require a written response. The questions are mostly about PHP, with a couple on CSS / xHTML and a few on MySQL.

PHP Developer Test

So if you think you might like to work for Fubra as a PHP / MySQL / Web developer, then proceed to the 20 minute  PHP Developer Quiz. Once we’ve marked your PHP test, we will write to you to let you know whether we would like to see your CV, and if that meets our requirements, we would then look to arrange an interview.

We have used PHP since 2000 when Fubra first got started. It’s helped us code our sites quickly and launch some great features for us to use internally and for our users and customers.

Today we are delighted to announce that PHP.net have welcomed us as a 3rd UK mirror partner so that anyone using PHP.net in the UK will end up on the mirror we are hosting every now and then.

They have also kindly let us place an advert on the mirror home page. So we have used it to make any PHP coders who are looking for a job aware that we want to hear from them.

If that sounds like you check out our latest job postings.

In case anyone didn’t know, there is actually now an open source library for PHP to interact with Google Adwords API. So, to save you reinventing the wheel check out this google php api.