It has been quite a few months down here at HQ. The sites are currently undergoing another re-design but we see this one as being the one that’ll stay for the foreseeable future.

The reason for this blog is to celebrate our first day where we’ve broken the 5,000 unique visitors to the network and to let everyone into what exactly is going on with the sites.

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Hi Everyone, My name is Matt Godwin and I am one of the website developers for Fubra. I have been working here for over two years now and I am the developer behind the Network.

Ever since we launched back in July 2007, the network has mainly focused on Sports and now boasts 46 dedicated websites. It has always been our plan to launch new websites covering different topics in the future.

After a while of developing the network and the forums we feel it is now a good time to start launching some new websites covering Motoring and Technology.

For our Technology websites we have launched Talk Mobiles, Talk HDTV and Talk Consoles. Whilst with Motoring we are aiming to create a website for each major car manufacturers, starting with Ford and Subaru with more currently in the works like Ferrari and Mercedes.

So come over and take a look at our new sites and tell us what you think and keep an eye out for new car websites coming out in the near future!

Howdy Folks. A bit of an update for you all on the TalkOn.It Network. I’m Neil and I’m the editor of all the sporting websites we run.

First things first, I know my picture shows me with the long hair, but after intense pressure from the developers, housemates, basically 99.9% of those who know me, I cut it all off. So I now have short hair with cold shoulders and freezing ears. On to more important and interesting matters…

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Back in November 2000, just a few months after Fubra Limited was formed, we registered the domain This was part of a general domain buying strategy that Brendan had been pursuing to get some of the web’s wackiest finest domain names;,, –,,!

Since then I have always poked fun at him as to when we would ever get round to using these domains, but not any more… as now that time has finally come!

Today marks the alpha launch of our new network of websites: The Network. These sites are focussed around a number of specific interests, initially sports, where we are aiming to build a thriving community of passionate aficionados.

To give you an idea of what you can expect:

  • Beautifully illustrated guides to each sport, such our page on Football Tactics
  • Fubra Passport enabled discussion forums
  • Daily podcasts and vidcasts from our resident Sports Geek Expert – Neil

And loads more!

So… just maybe… Brendan might get the last laugh after all!