We’ve recently slashed the price of our domain names and services on Livetodot.com, making us the cheapest UK domain name provider.

All .co.uk domains have been slashed by 75% to just £2.58, and customers can now pick up .com addresses for just £4.99, down from £14.99.

We’re now up to 30% cheaper than our nearest competitor, and no other providers’ prices are as low for single domain name purchases.

Domain Livetodot 123-reg UKreg Heart Internet
.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info £4.99 * £8.99 * £8.89 * £7.99 *
.co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk £2.58 * £2.79 * £2.95 * £2.59 *
.it £12.99 *
* All prices given are per annum

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A few months back we had a soft re-launch of the new version of our domain name web site Livetodot.com which we have been operating since we started Fubra. We have corrected a lot of small issues and have continued to work hard towards building and adjusted our pricing model.

New features includes a .it domains ‘in trust’ product that allows customers to buy a domain name via Fubra if they are outside the EU for a small extra fee.

We have also introduced much better contact management which we think will help companies that have a lot of domains to manage. Using our system they can update things in one place and Livetodot will do the rest for them. On most sites you have to update each and every domain name individually if you move office for example. Personally I have found this a common and frustrating problem with most domain web sites.

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I have been working hard over the Christmas break to help bug test the next version of Livetodot which I hope that we will launch in the next few weeks. We will need to otherwise the Italians will update their LAR’s and we won’t have sorted out the new system to cope with them.

The great news is that I have a renewed enthusiasm for domain names and Livetodot is the perfect place to express that. I have of late been testing it by registering more domains and now as well as .it domains it will also offer all the gltd’s and all .uk domains as well. This was mainly done to reduce the headache of our growing mound of domains in those areas which now exceeds 500. But I know many of our clients are going to love the new interface.

As we have mainly had clients that manage large numbers of domains the new site has tools that will help them and me to keep on top of all their domains which can become lost if you don’t have a good central management tool.

I genuinely think that this will be the first time the industry has seen a compelling difference in the quality of service and that this will have the largest impression on the domain market since the various low cost providers launched cut price offerings.

DNS management in the system is also impeccable. I have always had a big problem with DNS tools in the UK because a lot of companies simply don’t understand what a complex area it is. Running Livetodot since 2000 I have seen countless examples of bad DNS management not just from ISP’s either but from some of the huge Internet companies. I can’t stand ISP’s that don’t have proper postmaster and hostmaster contacts and who maintain badly managed DNS with errors in zones that they manage and even in the parent zones and those of the name servers themselves. It also has really cool support for reverse DNS and SPF built in which makes life so much easier.

Perhaps the coolest feature is the accountability and reporting that we are building in. You will be able to separate your domains into groups and then update your settings to a whole group. Resellers will be able to manage multiple clients and give them permission to access and make their own changes at whatever level of security they like. Clients will be able to use groups to set up separate access for multiple divisions in the same company who manage different domains. You will be able to produce reports on all this and we will be valuing your entire portfolio using an algorithm that we have written.

I am excited that we will be able to tie it into my latest acquisition DNBroker.com which I hope will provide a secure reliable and cost effective way for people to trade domain names and web sites. I see this as an emerging market as more business comes online the demand for web real estate (domain names) and also for profitable trading web businesses will surely increase. People are in desperate need of an industry expert platform to help them assess the value of these assets and to trade with confidence.

Once we have finished I am going to take some time to contact our clients again and take them through all the new features. I am sure when they see how easy it will make their lives they will jump at the chance to move their other domains over.