At the end of 2012 we started building Narrowcast, a simply powerful CRM that allows you to focus on what’s at the core of your business, the customer. Whether it’s a support ticket, a tweet or a sales opportunity we wanted a single inbox that would give you access to all your customer conversations in one place.

Alongside this Narrowcast will integrate your customer data with email marketing tools so you can create more effective, profitable and relevant marketing campaigns from the relationships you’ve built with your customers.

Take a look at some working designs for Narrowcast’s CRM

The Narrowcast way

The underlying concept of Narrowcast is to centre the marketing process around the individual and their identity rather than around mass audiences. To us this really made sense, as we can offer advertisers a better way to target their market whilst at the same time displaying advertising that customers are more likely to be interested in and care about.

If you work in the marketing world you’ll have likely heard of concepts such as Big Data and Single Customer View. As a company with lots of customers subscribed to our online products we could see how beneficial it would be to compile all our customer data into a single, individual profile for each of our customers. It means we can know the entire picture when communicating with a customer and not having to waste time sifting through old emails and jumping between varying systems.

Why we’re building Narrowcast…

Let me tell you a story about The Little Big TV Company, they specialise in selling very large TV’s and are typical of many small to medium sized businesses who are busy maintaining a steady cash flow, managing the needs of their employees, dealing with suppliers and growing their business.

These TV’s can be pretty pricey to repair so the company decided that it would be a great idea to contact existing customers whose manufacturers warranty is soon to expire and offer them an additional warranty.

The Little Big TV Company however, didn’t have a database or CRM of their customers and was unable to follow up with those customers whose warranty was about to end, missing a big opportunity to make generate sales as well as spare their existing customers from the possibility of spending a small fortune in gigantic TV repairs.

Although The Little Big TV Company is a fictional company, the story behind it is true and it’s stories like this that drive the Narrowcast project to provide businesses with the tools to know their customers and give them the ability to react based on that knowledge. Ultimately with an effective CRM system the The Little Big TV Company would have been able to provide a much higher level of service that was more personal to it’s customers and in-tern inspired customer loyalty whilst generating sales.

Here’s where we’re at…

Our current focus is on getting Narrowcast up and running with its CRM functionality so we can start using it internally to support our own customers as well as get some user feedback to develop the product.

Looking to the future we’ve got our sights set on releasing this to businesses as a stand alone product. There’s lots of scope to integrate new features that will make Narrowcast everything a business needs to build and utilise the relationships it has with its customers.

£10,000+ Monthly Revenue – Taxi Ads:

I’m very pleased to announce that revenue from adverts on the transfers pages of our Airport Guides network ( has now reached in excess of £10,000 a month.

We’ve been very close to this target for a few months now so it’s a great personal achievement to finally surpass this figure.

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AffJet is the latest addition to Fubra’s catalogue of websites, and we wanted to tell everyone all about it!

AffJet = Better Affiliate Analysis

AffJet’s slogan summarises what AffJet is in three short words which is targeted at it’s market, but for those of you who don’t know what affiliate analysis refers to, here’s a quick introduction.

Affiliate marketing is a great way for websites to make money from their content and essentially, the process goes like this:

Site A displays links to Site B within their content, using a tracked or “affiliate link”. Every time a user on Site A clicks that affiliate link and performs a desired action on Site B (buys something, signs up for a service etc…), Site B gives Site A some commission as a little thank you!

Affiliate marketing process

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Still feeling triumphant after our first Fubra Bootcamp and with our successful candidates now working away at creating a big buzz around Fubra and pushing the great sites that we have, we are now ready to embark on our second Bootcamp!

This time around we are looking for enthusiastic and go getting sales executives to sell the advertising space that we have on our network of sites. Beginning with the travel network we have made a start on selling the advertising and have a proven process in place which has helped us achieve excellent results so far. Feedback from our current advertisers has been really encouraging and for the right person this job will be especially rewarding.

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Our web site was getting very, very old and so we have decided to re-vamp it a bit so that it gives people a bit more of an idea about what we actually do.

I am ashamed to say that we had kept our old web site for so long since it did not really describe our company and lead most visitors to believe that we are a web design consultancy. We got asked frequently if we could help with people’s internet ideas and it was my job to explain that I was sorry but our current web site is a bit old and we no longer do any web development or consultancy work for clients.

The response was mixed some people said ‘ok thanks anyway’ and others got pretty angry! So hopefully our new site, while it still has a long way to go, gives people a bit more of a taster of what we actually do.

Our mission at the moment is to build up a base of advertising clients who will pay us to appear on our network of web sites and make sure that we use the money that they pay us to make better web sites and improve the sites we already have by adding new features.

You might notice a lot of our sites are not yet launched even though they are on our web site with logos. This is really so that you can get more of an idea of the bigger picture at our company. We are intending to build a lot more web sites and it’s important to me that people who visit the site realise the size of our ambitions.

At the moment we are running 55 web sites that receive over 3 million visits per month generating 36 million page impressions, there are approaching 2 million subscribers to our central login database, Fubra Passport, and 96% of our visitors are based in the UK and aged between 21 and 70.

We expect that 2007 will be our big year and we will start to create a household name in the UK but we have got a lot of hard work ahead and a long way to go so wish us luck and if you like any of our sites tell your friends about them!