When we bought the web’s most popular house price discussion site HousePriceCrash.co.uk last year traffic was high and we expected it to get higher as we approached the point where a correction in house prices became completely inevitable.

We put a lot of effort into a redesign of the site and subscriptions have soared since then. But the most impressive growth has been in the traffic to the site. It now stands at over 20,000 visitors a day which is over double last year’s traffic numbers.

We expect this traffic trend to continue as the correction in house prices starts to gather momentum throughout 2008. While this is happening we aim build on the sites position as the ultimate information resource on the latest developments in the market by adding more tools and features.

One such feature we have added recently is to change the home page graph from a static image to a dynamically generated one that we think is just as good looking. It’s a great addition because we now have the very latest graphing on the front page all the time and there is much more to come.

We hope you enjoy the site and look forward to joining you in buying a cheaper property in a few years time.

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired a new web site InsanelyMac.com. The site is a leading discussion forum and news site which discusses a range of apple related products and software.

It was acquired following the successful acquisition of HousePriceCrash.co.uk last year another forum web site which discusses the possibility of house prices falling.

As a business traditionally Fubra’s growth has come purely organically. But we have spent more than a year working hard on perfecting our internal systems and processes as well as our hosting platform and advertising systems. Now we are ready to step up our growth levels both organically and via acquisition. We are excited about the prospects for both methods of growth.

The purchase of HousePriceCrash.co.uk has given us confidence, that we can successfully integrate a community web site into our network of web sites and make improvements to it. Those improvements have pleased the community and enhanced our traffic and earnings growth from the web site.

As Fubra continues to grow we will look for more web sites to integrate into our portfolio that are priced at sensible earnings multiples. The sites will need to present the opportunity to better monitise the existing traffic they have and also to use our other internal talent and platforms to grow the current traffic.

InsanelyMac.com is a great addtion with over 40,000 visitor per day and 14% of those UK based visits and 60% US based. It adds substantially to our portfolio of sites and is a rare find. Anyone wishing to target this technology savvy audience should contact Brendan on our team page about the options available.