Things were pretty hectic here at Fubra HQ last week, whilst Paul, Brendan and half the content team were away having a well earned skiing break in Val Thorens, France. The developers and network teams were hard at work putting together our new cloud hosting site, and as ever I was trying to calculate interesting things, such as “how much VAT do we owe this quarter?”

I was looking forward to having the whole team back in the office today – but it seemed the weather had other ideas.

Overnight, Fubra HQ, Aldershot and the surrounding areas were covered in a blanket of snow TEN inches thick! Some staff were unable to make it in, but the Directors need to set the example!

Here’s Fubra’s MD Brendan skiing – yes, skiing – into work!

[youtube video=”sLgmmDN6zyc”]

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Amazon have launched a new web storage service called Amazon S3, which stands for “Simple Storage Service”. At the time of writing, there is a pay-as-you-go pricing plan which charges $0.15 (approx £0.09) per Gigabyte per month of storage used plus $0.20 (approx £0.12) per GB of data transferred.

Google have launched a new service called Google page creator which allows you to build a website with their WYSIWYG editor. This was originally built by some Google engineers in their 20% time, but now it is a full Google service which they will support.

It’s currently in a BETA release, but I tested it out by creating a tutorial and it worked without any major problems. This took me a little over an hour, which is a lot quicker than if I had coded it by hand.

The tool will be most useful for any web users, who lack HTML skills, but want to create their own web page… and just like Google’s other services, it is free to the end user.

You get 100mb of storage which should be enough for around 1000 web-sized (640×480) photos. I expect to see Google tie this service in with picasa in the near future to allow seamless publishing of photo albums on to the web.

I went camping with my girlfriend for the first time in years a few weeks ago, and it struck me how fun it was. OK, so I got a bit stressed when we took a wrong turn off the M3 and had to backtrack 20 miles, and then again when we were putting the tent up, but overall it is a peaceful and relaxing experience.

It’s quite surreal seeing cows and ponys wander freely around the New Forest, but is a welcome distraction from the hustle and bustle of living in a city or town.

Unfortunately for me, I had to learn as I went, but next time I will be sure to check out our camping guide which has tips and advice for anyone thinking of going on a camping trip.

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