I wrote last year about Gordon Brown’s announcement that the UK Government would be releasing a load of data for public consumption.  Today the first step in that plan went live.  Data.gov.uk is a repository of a whole load of data sources provided by the Government on everything from Council Tax rates through to local NHS dentists.

We here at Fubra have been part of the discussion surrounding the release of the data for the last few months, and are really pleased to see something coming to fruition.  While the site is still in beta it really does show promise for those of us who just can’t get our hands on enough data.

We have just released a new WordPress plugin which makes adding the minimum, maximum and average fuel prices for your area in the UK to any WordPress blog easy.

As mentioned in this blog post the plugin makes use of the new PetrolPrices.com XML data feed in order to build a fully customisable table.  The plugin provides both a widget which can be included in any widgetized theme, and a shortcode which can be included in any post or page.

There’s more information on the PetrolPrices.com feeds page, and the plugin can be downloaded from WordPress.org.

Brendan from PetrolPrices.com appeared on TV twice today commenting on the best way to save money on fuel in light of the tax increases which came into effect this week.  This short video is from the BBC’s Working Lunch programme.

[futube video=onZ7Cf2x5lY]

Today saw day 1 of LINX66, the LINX members meeting at Goodenough College in London.  As a LINX member we dispatched our MD Brendan to make a short talk to the group about one of our latest projects — our in-house datacentre.

The presentation briefly covered why we had opted to develop our own infrastructure, how we have gone about implementing all the ancillary services required in a datacentre environment, the network and technology we have built the main services around, how we had gone about detecting and overcoming the inevitable problems which crop up during the day-to-day running of such a facility, and finally the services we are offering at our facility.  Brendan then took questions from the floor relating to the final price tag of the project, as well as addressing some of the technical questions relating to our environmental monitoring network.

For more information download the slides which accompanied the presentation (they’re in PowerPoint format).

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills today took the wraps off their new online initiative: the Graduate Talent Pool.  The idea is simple — provide a single location where graduates (and soon-to-be graduates) can go to look for internships, and a place for companies, looking to beef up their graduate recruitment, to advertise their current intern vacancies.  Fubra has got on board with the scheme and is advertising a number of exciting positions.

While all of our positions are unpaid (except for expenses) they offer great experience working within a young, exciting new media company, the chance to expand the student’s portfolio, as well as the possibility of a paid position if we’re impressed during the internship.

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