New Intern – Youngest Zend Certified Engineer in the World?

Today we welcome Ollie Armstrong to the Fubra PHP developer team. Ollie has just finished his GCSEs, and is joining us on a 6 week placement over the summer holidays before he goes to sixth form college in September. Ollie worked for us during his Year 10 work experience when he was 14, and since then he has been learning PHP in his own time alongside his studies.

Last week he took his PHP 5.3 Zend exam and passed, which now makes him a Zend Certified Engineer. Ollie’s 16th birthday is not until the end of July, so at just 15 years old I think he must be one of the Youngest Zend Engineers in the world. Do you know anyone younger? If so, leave us a comment.

  • Mark Sutton

    Well done Ollie! Nice work…

  • Ramy

    That would be me :) I’m 15 years old and I will be 16 on 24th of September. I’m willing to take the exam after thirty days from now. In that case, I will be breaking Ollie’s record :P The funny thing is that I’m near Ollie’s age and in the GCSE (international version)!
    Actually I wanted to contact you Paul (and Ollie too, if possible) as I may take the exam at a time where my age is as Ollie’s age so we both can share a Guinness Record or something. Also, I wanted to ask about other few things :)
    You have my E-mail, please contact me.


  • Crazy_Coder is the youngest zce in the world!

  • Shehzad Noor Taus

    Congrats on being a ZCE.
    Btw I’m 14 and at the same time a ZCE on PHP 5.3 :)

  • cute programmer

    wow! you’re good, i also started as a developer when i was 14, but didnt know PHP and i didnt heard from it. i was just only doing my personal site and doing some actionscript, and vbscript programming.

  • jehzlau

    I know someone younger who passed last 2003, but he’s now older than Ollie. Hehe. :D

    @Crazy_Coder – oh yeah. He looks so young. O_O

  • Crazy_Coder

    Shehzad Noor Taus ( is the youngest ZCE from our country-“BANGLADESH”. We are proud of him.Keep trying Taus…:)

  • Snoggle News

    In any case congrats to the kid. That must be a huge accomplishment and I could have never been that skilled within PHP programming.

  • Shishir

    Congratulations to Ollie.. and by the way , I’m 13 year old, and already Zend Certified on PHP 5.3 :D Seems like BANGLADESH has got the two youngest ZCEs in the world! :D