AffJet – Our Newest Addition

AffJet is the latest addition to Fubra’s catalogue of websites, and we wanted to tell everyone all about it!

AffJet = Better Affiliate Analysis

AffJet’s slogan summarises what AffJet is in three short words which is targeted at it’s market, but for those of you who don’t know what affiliate analysis refers to, here’s a quick introduction.

Affiliate marketing is a great way for websites to make money from their content and essentially, the process goes like this:

Site A displays links to Site B within their content, using a tracked or “affiliate link”. Every time a user on Site A clicks that affiliate link and performs a desired action on Site B (buys something, signs up for a service etc…), Site B gives Site A some commission as a little thank you!

Affiliate marketing process

This process works at it’s best when Site A and Site B are highly related to each other and, because the sales are tracked, Site B only pays for the desired actions when they happen. This differs with traditional display advertising, used online and offline, because as an advertiser you pay for all your advertising regardless of whether you receive any desired actions from it. For this reason it has taken off really well and is used by many websites across the world wide web.

Affiliate marketing uses intermediary software providers called affiliate networks who provide a platform which connects Advertisers and Publishers (aka Merchants and Affiliates). Affiliate networks allow relationships between these two parties to be built, agreements to be put in place and actions to be tracked and they also supply reporting for their merchants and affiliates.

Where does AffJet come in?

The problem with the current affiliate marketing system is that there are many affiliate networks each with lots of merchants and affiliates on their systems. As an affiliate, logging into each of these affiliate networks to find out how your websites are performing can be really time consuming, and creating reports to combine all of the data together really does take a long time.

This makes effective analysis of your data a much more daunting task than it needs to be.

AffJet provides a solution which aggregates all the data held by affiliate networks into one place. This allows affiliates to log into one place to find out how their websites are performing and saves loads of time.

What can affiliate marketers do on AffJet?

As an affiliate, you can take advantage of many useful, comprehensive and varied features within AffJet including:

  • Custom Projects to allow grouping of links from any website, network or merchant
  • Custom dashboards to allow you to see the metrics you want to see upon logging in
  • Automatic import every night, we take the load on our servers to save your computer coping with an import
  • Highly secured protection for your data, and regular back ups meaning you won’t lose out if your computer gives up
  • Access your data from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Allow yourself to act on the crucial difference between viewing your data and analysing it

The interface, design and features make AffJet simple to use and allow you to retrieve affiliate data and statistics quickly and simply, giving you back more time to spend on analysing and acting on the trends you have observed.

What direction is AffJet moving in now?

We are working hard on adding new affiliate networks (for greater coverage) and also new features into AffJet at the moment. A lot of these changes are being brought about by real user feedback as we want to make sure that we work on things that will make a real difference to affiliates daily work load.

We currently have a launch competition running, where affiliates using AffJet have a great chance to win an iPad regardless of their size. This competition will start when we have 50 users on AffJet and we are hoping to get a lot of feedback from these users that can help us make AffJet even better. You can read more about the AffJet iPad competition here.

Did I mention Affjet is free to use while we are in our beta testing stage?!

You can keep updated with what is going on with AffJet by following us on our AffJet Twitter account