Fubra loads up on RACK

Things are getting a bit busy now on the Fubra network which was part of the reason for our LINX membership that we announced last week. With all the traffic we are getting it will be great to pay less to get our data onto the ISP’s networks our users come from but it left us thinking what about the extra servers we are going to need.

As anyone running a lot of web servers knows well the old model of pricing based on space is now mostly out the window and now the major consideration in data centres we look at is power. We are fairly power hungry customer already as you might expect with the site of our network so we have been doing a lot of research and development work to try and reduce our power costs which are growing with us.

Up until recently we had focused on the software and platform solution side of things. By virtulising our hardware demand we have been able to get the best out of our current servers and turn machines that we are not using off and on via our network. This has made a huge difference for us but our hardware when on still sucks a lot of power. We needed a hardware partner that was as obsessed about hardware saving power as we were about optimising our code to be more efficient.

Well we found them, Rackable Systems, and we have just made a huge investment in two new racks of servers. They have lots of advantages over the current batches of 1U servers we are using at the moment but the most exciting part is that they can pack a load more servers into the same space and because the servers run on DC power which is converted from AC only once at the top of the rack and the cooling is very cleverly designed. So we will be saving power and therefore money as well as saving space and therefore more money.

It’s pretty wonderful news because it means we will be able to deliver the services we are working on at a lower cost and so I am very excited about taking delivery of the racks.

I think they may have a new customer for life because the latest product ‘a data centre in a container’, just released called Concentro, is definitely what we are aiming for as we grow.